Ag-Gear’s Fall Essentials of Farm Apparel

by Jeff Peel on Oct 15, 2018

Ag-Gear’s Fall Essentials of Farm Apparel

 As farmers and agriculturalists, we do things a little bit differently. We wake up before the crack of dawn, work our fingers to the bone for long hours, and certainly aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty.

When it comes to our apparel of choice, we’re also in a league of our own. Each of us farmers that proudly reps the Ag Life comes home with something on our boots, faded jeans with a new hole that somehow came about during the day’s work, and, lastly, our favorite hat that stands by us each and every day in the fields. That is, until it gets lost or beat up beyond wearability and we then replace it with a new go-to hat.

As summer has come and gone and fall harvest is finally upon us, it’s probably time to give some of that farmwear that’s seen its fair share of days in the field a rest and upgrade to something new this season.

For those of you that are in search of new farm apparel that will not only keep you cool and comfy in the fields but also give you a way to rep your agricultural lifestyle, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite fall threads here at Ag-Gear for you to take a gander upon.

Ag-Gear’s Fall Essentials of Farm Apparel


The Outfitter Tag Free Range Tee

If this ag shirt isn't already in your closet, it needs to be. The free range tee is one of our most popular farm apparel items with its old-timey look with new-age comfort. It’s most certainly Duke Brothers-approved and pairs perfectly with the fall season. Best of all, it features the credo of the agriculture life — “no better life.”

Medallion Ag-Gear Free Range Tee

If you want to rep the Ag Life but are looking for some more neutral colors for your fall farm apparel, then the Medallion Free Range Tee is for you. It’s light and uncharacteristically comfortable as it, like all our shirts, is made of all-American ring-spun combed cotton and a heather poly blend.

The Hay Baler Button Down

Another fall apparel essential that’s perfect for those days of going straight from the fields to hopping in the truck and heading into town for dinner, the Hay Baler Button Down gives an entirely new meaning to “farm to table.” We all know that while fall is beautiful, it comes with a wide range of potential temperatures to have to be prepared for when heading out for the day. Rather than constantly shedding off layers of shirts as you go throughout today, stick to just one with this performance farm apparel that will keep you warm in the crisp mornings, then cool and dry in the afternoon when the sun is at full blast. Designed by the Ag-Gear CEO, Jeff Peel, this is an ag shirt that is guaranteed to work as hard as you do.

Ag-Gear® Blaze Cap Crown With Realtree® Bill

Whether you’re out on a weekend hunt or on your daily grind on the farm, this ag hat pairs perfectly with the fall season and fully encompasses the agriculture life. It features the burnt orange look that we’ve all come to know and love along with the iconic Realtree® camo bill, making it the perfect daily headwear for all things Ag Life.

If you’re more of a trucker hat type of guy or gal, don’t fret — we also make these iconic ag hats in mesh versions with your choice of either classic brown or Realtree camo, so there’s surely a new go-to hat to add to your collection and upgrade your fall farm apparel.


From all of us here at Ag-Gear, we hope that when you are in need of new farm apparel for working harder and staying comfortable day after day, you’ll come to us. Our high-quality ranch wear is made by farmers, for farmers, because nobody knows our lifestyle like we do. So our goal is to provide you and your family with the farm apparel that fits your needs and reps this incredible life that we all have chosen — the Ag Life.

Browse the rest of our farm apparel, and start repping the Ag Life today.